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Olive Oil

If the Mediterranean is considered the cradle of our civilization, the olive tree is also part of our culture. Indeed, this millennial tree, blessed by the gods and symbol of wisdom, peace, and longevity was planted by the Phoenicians in Tunisia, then was inherited by all the civilizations that have succeeded one another over time.
In Tunisia, there are soils with no other similar ones for the cultivation of some of the best varieties of olives, one of the most favorable lights and climate, and above all ancestral know-how transmitted without fault from generation to generation.
We have selected for you the best quality natural products that are carefully selected and perfectly worked

Code: OO 01
Type: Bottle Dorica
Volume: 250 ml
Gross Weight: 0.51 Kg
Units/carton: 12
Carton/Pallet: 203
Code: OO 02
Type: Bottle Dorica
Volume: 500 ml
Gross Weight: 0.87 Kg
Units/carton : 12
Carton/Palet : 120
Code: OO 03
Type: Bottle Dorica
Volume: 750 ml
Gross Weight: *
Units/carton : 12
Carton/Palet : 102
Code: OO 04
Type: Bottle Marasca
Volume: 1L
Gross Weight: 1.29 Kg
Units/carton: 12
Carton/Pallet: 84
Code: OO 05
Type: Metallic
Volume: 3L
Gross Weight: *
Units/carton: 6
Carton/Pallet: 60